Heck no, together we have more than 60 years of experience in the branded merch space.
Wearing our socks will undoubtedly boost your coolness factor. However, we cannot be held responsible for potential dance-offs and party invitations.
Congratulations! By wearing our merch, you’ve officially become an ambassador of awesome¬≠ness. Welcome to the cool club!

Our anniversary is June 12 every year, and when we have our big party, you’ll hear about it…but, the new name is Merchellia!

We love our Omaha community and our studio is pretty damn cool, so, yes, if you need a corpo­rate meeting space, or business event, reach out, we will do what we can to accommodate you!

Hmmm, we love visitors, for sure! We do really appreciate appointments and a heads up if you want to do a merch drop!

When you have a project, we want to be your concierge! Strategizing with you to understand your goals is the best way to help you achieve them. Reach out and let’s get this merch party started.
t’s about time, right? As we continue to curate a kick-ass shopping experience that is better than ever, you will find an easy button by browsing through our curated shops and sending your orders directly through to our merch design team! Easy peasy.
That depends? How soon is your event? Try us – we don’t always want to be resource for last minute plans, but, we’ll try damn hard to make you look like a rock star!

Our “in-studio” shopping experience will be launching soon! Stay tuned!

Of course! There are all sorts of bonus opportunities for our preferred clients.

Planning the event is the most important part of creating merch you love! We got you, boo! This is our wheelhouse. We will even do destination events and on-site luxury brand experiences!

Listen, honey, this is an important process. We source our products from our valued supplier partners incorporating imagination, incredible design and purpose.

We would love to inspire your network!

We all have doggies, the only MYLO is our frenchie, virtual mascot. But, you never know – never say never.

Technically, no. But, we are one big happy family!

We explore the edges of your story, listen with intention and build lasting relationships. Our job is to make our cleints’ job easier so they can go about doing all of their other things, truly being an extention of their brand to help all of their amazing ideas come to fruition.

We wanted to be better marketing partners for our clients. This goes way beyond merch you love, this is a movement to make experiences that connect people with responsibly sourced products that truly showcase the value of your brand.

While we all take ownership in our roles with MYLO, Angie & Cola are the founders and owners of MYLO.

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