Angie Hauptman

Founder & Creative Director - [email protected]

Angie is a Taurus which would explain why her Birthday falls every year on Cinco de Mayo. Her desire to inspire the world around her through creative work is constantly in motion. She loves building teams, strategizing, ideation and above all, laughing her ass off with good people. Humor is the cornerstone of her personality and one thing she will always do is put others ahead of herself. She will always have your back, overthink every piece of artwork, bring way too much food to a party and would never let a friend go to Happy Hour alone. Angie sees everyday as an opportunity create a masterpiece and is immensely stoked to own a kick-ass business with her daughter, Cola. If you want golf lessons, her son Trevor, has all the skills and shares his mom’s sense of humor. Last March, Angie married Tim Hauptman in an incredibly romantic ceremony in Monza, Italy. Talk about lucky. She and Tim share a home with his son, Peyton, their pug, Penny and yellow lab, Cash. Deliverer of Shortest Pep Talk Ever: Good Luck! Don’t Suck! Most Famous Person She Ever Coached: Jordan Larson Favorite Comedians: Gilda Radner, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig Weird Things She Enjoys: Talking in accents

Cola Henderson

Founder & Operations Director - [email protected]

Cola’s talents are fueled by her genuine drive to find solutions to literally everything. She once reigned as a badass volleyball setter for the UNK Lopers and now champions the team at MYLO. Her ability to strategize through complicated math and logistics while hanging in the flow of creativity are just a couple of her super powers. Cola’s positivity amid any challenge is extraordinary. She also has a weird memory for numbers and can somehow navigate any travel destination and interpret languages without really knowing why. Her mom, Angie, takes the credit for making her so smart. While Cola was blessed as a natural leader and entrepreneur, she also thrives as an amazing momma to her 2-year old son, Reece, and wife to her really lucky husband, Colby. Their dog, Jax will certainly have to move over at the table as more excitement is on the way with baby number two arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day. Real Given Name: Nicole Little Known Fact: Played professional volleyball in Croatia Hidden Talent: Once played the piano while singing, “My Heart will Go On” at the Dodge County Fair Talent Show Favorite Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Tammie Baumert (Tams)

Brand Concierge - [email protected]

Tams, as we lovingly call her, brings her wit and wisdom to our souls on a daily basis. She has an incredible ability to tame all the squirrels and be the ultimate organizer of things. Always quick to listen, her kindness is contagious and her intuition is delightfully on point. Tams has a gift of blending dry humor, honesty and goodness for those lucky enough to be in her midst. She has fantastic abilities to make organizing big projects look simple. She’s a lake girl, wine lover and genuine Firecracker, boasting a birthday on the 4th of July. Her faith and resilience make her one incredible friend of many, mom of 3, GrandTams of six and beautiful wife of Captain Ron. Favorite Vacation Spot - Ottertail County, Minnesota Hometown - Uehling, Nebraska Hidden Talent: Making the World’s Best Scotcheroos One of my life Heros: My Dad.

Jackie Keithley (JACK)

Brand Concierge - [email protected]

Jackie is one of the most genuine people on earth. She is overflowing with unique talents and is a passionate learner. When Jackie releases her energy, the world becomes a better place through the joyous expression of her soul. She is the definition of courage and opens herself to opportunities and creative chances. She launched her branded merch career after years of servitude at “Blue” (the OG) making her a bit of a cocktail and sushi specialist. Jackie is a pleasure seeker and resides darn close to the SXS studio. Jackie will make anyone laugh, is incredibly sincere, could win a clogging contest and will “get” your punch line a little too late. Her ability to identify product names and item numbers is oddly scary. Jackie shares life with her partner, Brett, Shih Tzu Crayton and feisty boxer, Moose. College Alma Mater & Major: Go Lopers!!! Psychology Pet Peeve: People that drink their milk out of the bowl after they eat cereal. Expertise: Using chopsticks, Making Dream Catchers, Ping Pong (add social media links)

Ronwell Santos

Client Concierge - [email protected]

Ron fuels his energy into assisting that every order stays smooth in the flow of production. He brings a laugh and loads of smiles to every encounter. When he’s not pouring his heart into MYLO, he loves cooking and savoring delicious foods, spending time with his family and catching movies with friends. He has a genuine heart, will go out of his way to assure he is giving his best effort and will always lean into learning more to elevate his work. He shares life in the Philippines with his Mom & Dad, two siblings, his dog, Chanel and a fur-ball named Clay.

Alpha Villanueva

Accounting Alchemist - [email protected]

Alpha is one of the most sincere and authentic humans in the universe. Her brilliance combined with her kindness and efficiency give her an edge in business and problem-solving. While building her role with the MYLO team, Alpha loves to explore all aspects of learning from graphics to technology. She cares deeply about creating exceptional work, and will do everything with a smile. Happy vibes are all around Alpha’s home in the Philippines that she shares with her two siblings, parents and a spoiled dog named, Callie.

In the art of branding, experience is everything.

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